Reformer Exploration
James Crader
Class 3990

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I love this service. There is always more.  And full of surprises. This is exactly that: a delightful surprise. The work is an invitation into our unique physical result of the life we have lived and a new way to be in  the day we are about to step into. I am so delighted by this session. I so so delighted by discovery! Thank you. 
Blair Thank you so much! I really appreciate the care within your comment.
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Muchas gracias, me encanta!!! Muchas gracias!!!
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This was so unique and freeing. Great class - Thank you!
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Oh how much I loved it ... love choices .. feels goooood ..ball under lumbar it great too ...I felt the freedom in your movements ... suits me well this kinda approach... thank you thank you 🙌🏻🤸‍♀️
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Amazing - Thank you again.
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OMG, a kindred spirit! I resonate on so many levels with your work and have been developing my own similar practice utilizing my own experience, energetics, cultivating intuitive movement, the role of emotions, and belief. I'm on a path of unlearning and rediscovery of love for pilates as a mover & teacher. So heart-lifting to find your work and the expression of this perspective put so eloquently here. Looking forward to more. Many blessings
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Ludmila Mucho gusto!!! 
LISA Thank you!!
Anett Thank you!! I love working with that ball under my body too ... feels so good!
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