VIIT Reformer 4
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 4017

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Excellent as usual, Elizabeth! Thanks for  sharing your knowledge and  never ending inspiration!!! Cheers, Aline
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Just when I thought I couldn't respect your work give us the Come-Clean Moment!  Thank you for this moment and another great class!
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Aline Virginia I'm so honored to have been Elizabeth Larkam 's movement partner for these VIIT classes!!  All them movements are Uber challenging but so incredibly gratifying and de-licous!  She is indeed a genius and movement inspiration!

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wonderful you two! Since I don´t have a tower I used a resistance band, - slung underneath the headrest, for some extra work and stabilization in the upper trunk. It definitely helped me, because I usually get problems in my lower back if jumping on two legs to extensively. I always admire how you do it so vigorously and gracefully! Thank you!
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I appreciate having the class demonstrated both ways.  

I have a question about the tower springs while jumping. Do they help to put less pressure on the feet while jumping?  I’m an “active ager” and injured my foot on Jumpboard last year and have been reluctant to try again.  I am wondering if this will take away some of the impact.   Thanks!
Virginia, Thank You for appreciating that teaching is much more than sequencing and cueing movement. Although that is necessary, it is not sufficient. Teaching can offer a path toward insight, integrity and personal evolution. Pilates Anytime is a platform for this practice.
Movement Partner Amy: your intelligent, uplifting and supportive presence brings out the best in everyone. I am the fortunate one to be on Pilates Anytime with You. I and All in the Pilates community appreciate your talent and dedication to making the world a better place..
Silke, great idea to use a band with the Reformer rinstrad of Tower Springs. If you have Reformer risers you might try securing bands to the risers. The band resistance and force vector will affect your shoulders , arms ,spine and thorax. Make sure that the assistance to your lower back also benefits your whole structure.
Lori, wise of you to be cautious in Jumpboard jumping after your injury last year. Yes, the assistance of the Tower Springs will certainly decrease impact during landing and assist takeoff,. Prior to jumping again you could try my class ‘Articulate Feet’ (2019) and my ‘Foot Festiaval’. Also, the opening move of this VIIT 4 class is all about jumping with no impact. Lots of fun and coordination
Aline, thank you for appreciating this class. Let me know when you have questions.
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