Strength Building Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 4028

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Thanks very much !!! Gracias, buscamos todos alguna clase solamente de MAT y sin aparatos para poder inspirar y ayudar a nuestros alumnos en estos días largos de Cuarentena en casa por el Coronavirus.
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This has been a bit challenging for me but still enjoyed it with your loveley instructions and cueing Monica; thank you so much
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So good! Love that this is challenging and you only need a matt. 
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I especially appreciated you demonstrating with an experienced pilates student who nevertheless benefited from corrections and struggled along with us on some of the more difficult challenges.  Your words of motivation felt like they were directed right towards me as well. Thank you Monica and Lindsey!!
Loved this class! Thank you!
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Thank you, very good mat work! Balance and strength. Just what we need in this time of quarantine.
Yes! Lindsay rocked it! I have to give her special props because we filmed this class right after Class #4023, executing the same exercises with a magic circle. It takes a lot of stamina to be able to do both classes back to back! I hope this finds you all well and that this challenging class helps your body and mind stay healthy and strong through this period of isolation. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and connecting with us through Pilates Anytime!
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Awesome class!!
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Good Workout.  I don't know if I'll ever be flexible enough to do a rollover/jacknife but it won't be because these classes don't give me enough opportunities to practice.  
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Excellent class thank you. It was hard work!
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