Foot Work Workout
Madeline Black
Class 403

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This is a great class. I did Madeline's workshop when she was in London and it was terrific. I've used these exercises and the ball massage on many clients and have had great results.
I love any attention to footwork and this is awesome! My left foot is so much more tender than the right. I have had a repetitive stress injury in my left ankle for years. I've been doing ankle exercises but nothing that addresses the metatarsals and arches. Does anyone know if these exercises can help prevent or ease bunions? Does anyone have recommendations?
Hi Monica....this is Amy, one of the regular teachers on the site. I love your post, thank you. I too have a bunion and look for exercises to ease the discomfort there and for way to address the metatarsals and arches. Madeline's class is wonderful! I have a short class up on the site too that you may like. I used the Theraband and small tennis balls (dog toys!). It's class # 822, you may like some of these ideas too. Let me know!

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Great class and info! I have neuroma morton in my foot
Thank you! This was a great class! My feet feel terrific!
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was there an answer to Nova Cairns question about the relevance of the knee cap lifing to this exercise and the foot. Great information for all in this video. Thanks
Hi Shannon, thanks for drawing my attention to Nova Cairns question about the knee cap, hope she sees this, in standing the knee cap lifts activate not only the quadriceps but also the hamstring, there is a synergistic engagement that occurs between the two; it also draws our attention to the imbalance from right to left. So many people do not fully engage the leg when working out. Hope this helps.
Bravo! Loved it.
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I love this! I stand all day and my feet are not happy. The first time I did this class, my feet and lower joints were so aligned and pain free! It's so easy and so effective!! It's going to be a daily routine for me!!!
This makes my feet happy! I'm sure its good for my plantar faciatis prone feet
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