Day 1: Abdominals
Carrie Pages
Class 4038

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Fun, fast, good work! I really liked the transitions between the stomach series moves! Looking forward to more!
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First class with you Carrie Pages and loved it! These challenges at this duration and intensity are perfect for trying to balance in workout with quarantined life and work and kids and and and .... ☺️
Your transition to control balance was perfect for me thank you ! 
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I've been a member of PA for 9 years (!!) yet your cues for getting into planks position were the first that really created a change in my dynamic. It truly became  a connected effort between fingers, abdominals and feet and I could "remember" the abdominal sensation from the beginning exercise when we did it in supine position. Thank!
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Super fun! I love your energy and your clear cues. Definitely adding you to my "must watch" list!
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Loved day 1! Thanks so much, Carrie!
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That was fun, thanks. I love working my abs.
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Thanks for a great ab workout! I love the transitions!
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I loved the preparation for plank. It is a position that gets easily muddled by generic workouts without attention to the full body connection that you gave. Thank you!
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Super fun combos and my abs were toasty! Great work Carrie
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That was super! The end was most challenging! I can do teaser but not roll over very well especially with arms behind head! Can't wait til tomorrow.
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