Day 1: Abdominals
Carrie Pages
Class 4038

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I found it fun and I love the side leg lifts between each exercise of the series of five. Creative! I can't wait to progress through the challenge!

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I'm doing this client and day 1 was intense, just what I needed.
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This was a great class!  I am new to Pilates and this was a great introduction to core workouts!  I'm looking forward to the other classes :)
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Great cues and explanations they really had me paying attention to control the movements
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Loved it!!! Thanks Carrie :) 
Cant't wait for day 2 
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What a beautiful wake up to the mornings tasks ahead-thank you for confirming that we only need a quick burst to energise and stay on track-loved the cueing-my legs have never floated up so easily and the transitions are a joy.Looking forward to the rest :)
Thanks so much everyone!

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That was short, sweet & challenging ! 💜
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I was laughing at myself on the last exercise going into the teaser.  I think I will need to do some stretching of my very tight muscles before I start the next challenge.  
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Thank you very much Carrie!
It felt great and i really enjoed your energy!! 
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