Day 2: Extension
Carrie Pages
Class 4039

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I feel like some of the exercises are too much for my lower back, what do you advise?
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Dina N ~ Thank you for your forum post. You can still do the program even if you aren't able to do the backbend in this class. This is one of the more challenging exercises in the series but if you were able to do the rest of the class, the program should still work for you. There are also modifications you can do to help with the extension exercises including a smaller range of motion. I hope this helps and that you enjoy the rest of the challenge!
I LOVED IT!!! I thought I would never be able to do a beck bend but I DID IT!!! it felt so good!!! I am in tears!!! honestly!!! the feeling of accomplishment I can't describe it...thank you so much
Best class I have done in ages, the Saw was amazing! cant wait for tomorrow 
Love this class, thank you!
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