Day 2: Extension<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 4039

Day 2: Extension
Carrie Pages
Class 4039

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Hi Carrie - day 2 extensions I dislike due to my tight shoulders and limited range of motion I could only finish until rocking swan even then I found those uncomfortable 🥵 hope tomorrow brings a new day . Thank you 🙏
I'm so sorry the class wasn't a good fit for you!  I hope you'll join me tomorrow for hips and glutes!!!  
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LOVED this class! It felt so good and was such a challenge! Thank you for doing an extension focused class, as I usually avoid it because it's hard!  Any specific exercise recommendations for building shoulder strength? I didn't have enough to push myself up into the full bridge/extension. Thank you, again! 
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I love your cues! Thank you for this lovely challenge!
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That was super challenging AND I loved it! I really enjoy the Swan variations with one arm moving; it taps into a little dance reminder while demanding the shoulder support I desperately need. Thank you Carrie!
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Loved all the swans....I couldn’t see myself but felt awkward and wobbly on the back end .... trying new exercises around my neck at home always make me nervous but you are so right it’s about the strength 
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Thank you for the extension challenge. I am generally not very good at extension - but something that I've been working towards. I loved the cues and progressions towards the back bend. It opened up and strengthen my shoulders & back body tremendously. I wasn't able to go into the full back bend... but you've got to have goals, right?! Any suggestions for shoulder strength build up would be appreciated. Thank you again. 
Anita W
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Amazing class!! Because of the progressions and your amazing cues I was able to go into the back end. I haven’t been there in 45 years. I look forward to tomorrows miracle.
Mary T
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Great class Carrie. Excellent transitions and flow. I am working towards a back bend so this was helpful. One day I will get there!
Rebecca W
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I did a backbend! Not perfect by any means but woohoo! Thank you for the last 2 classes! Both truly excellent!
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