Abdominal Burn
Tracey Mallett
Class 4112

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I'm really liking this series! Love that you get all of that in 20 minutes :). Look forward to doing them as you roll them out.
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Man on man. So glad that was only  20 minutes. Husband walked in and I said "It's a 20 minute ab workout and it's kicking my bootie, I'm 4 minutes in!
 His reply, "Good luck with that! 
Nice work Tracey.  Love!
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middle name must be FLOW.....perfect transitions.   Thank you thank you!
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New favorite ab workout!
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Wow! It’s 5:00am, a definitel wake up routine .. I’m ready for the day. 20 minute routines are awesome!
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WOW, awesome ab workout!! Can't wait for. her next one!
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Tracey, thank you for this wonderful routine! It is definitely very challenging and I had to modify some of those exercises but I am definitely going to go back to them. You are truly inspiring! 
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That was awesome. Can you tell me where your music is from?
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loved this!
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Awesome workout, love these variations, thanks! 
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