Abdominal Correct Connect
Leah Stewart
Class 4152

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Interesting workout. I've liked the seated section and my favorite part was the exercises on all four. I found challenging the exercises where you scissor the legs (around 33:00). The actions of engaging the abs, pulling up, extending the muscles did not seem enough to prevent some discomfort in the lower back, but I appreciate the idea. As a Pilates instructor, It's inspiring to see the wide range of exercices that can be done during pregnancy. Thank you for your teaching.
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As a physical therapist assistant I loved this, spot on Leah! Great creativity and educational talking points!!
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Looks so simple but a lot of it was really challenging! 37 weeks now and I love that I can still exercise using your classes right up until the baby arrives. Thanks Leah! 
Such an awesome class! Thank you ❤️
Just amazing! I'm 23 weeks into my 7th pregnancy and I know how critical the concepts you teach are. And you teach them in such a wise way. Where were you during my first 6?! XO 
Great class! Such a great reminder that abdominal work is not as limited during pregnancy as we sometimes think! 
This felt amazing on my Preggo body... loved all the side bending stretches! Thank you!
Lina S Hi Lina! Thank you for your honest feedback. It's so fun to explore different movement ideas and options, and in that, not all movement is right for our body on a certain day or in a certain season of life. The key is to explore movement, take what serves you and leave the rest for hopefully another time when your body feels better equipped to try it. The scissor exercise is defintiely challenging, which is why I included it, and I am happy to hear that you tried it and appreciate it when it didn't feel quite right for you. 
Nicole H Hi Nicole! I'm honored, thank you so much! I always appreciate PTs opinions and thoughts on my classes, movement choices, education, etc. Thank you!
Hannah W Absolutely, Hannah! I am happy to know that you accepted the challenge of this class and I hope every time you did it, you felt great!
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