Back to Basics
Meredith Rogers
Class 4166

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return to life ;)

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Your classes and your teaching style are fabulous Meredith. Thank you from Australia xx

Rajashree Srirangarajan in my classes you have permission to make any modifications necessary to accommodate the movement in your body.
Reading this comments made my day today!
Thank you to you all for coming and for sharing your positivity!!
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Really enjoyed this I've missed my pilates for a couple of weeks, no excuses but back to it and this is a great one for me as I'm fairly new to Pilates, I've been doing yoga for years but appreciate the benefits of Pilates for my back!! more lumbar spine strengthening classes for me
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Great class - appreciate all the cues and opinions! :)
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Thanks for class! I appreciate your work with oppositional energy🙂 & I like to call it intuitive counting😉
Thanks everyone!! Yasha intuitive counting is perfection!!
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Had got out of my Pilates routine when I when I went back to work at school. This class was perfect to get me back into it Meredith. Came away feeling positive that it’s sometimes good to take a step back to move forward.
Louise it is always appropriate to step back to the basics to move forward...or any time at all.  Thanks for taking class and sharing feedback.
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