Breaking Down & Building Up
Amy Havens
Class 4190

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Great class; I love Boomerang and now because of this class I love it more; thank you so much Amy
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My hips felt so, so, soooo great after this class.. which is random and I'm not quite sure why, maybe I needed all that inner thigh work to release my hip flexors a bit?! Anyways, feels wonderful! Thanks Amy! 
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Though i have been doing Pilates for years, I cannot do any kind of roll-over without some momentum. I cannot stay in a rolled back position without putting my hands at my low back. I know Amy is amazing and if anyone might help me overcome those issues, it would be her.  The bad news is this class didn't help my issues. The good new is that it was a really good class anyway. I agree with Katie~my hips feel better than they normally do in a class. I had fun. I feel better. Thanks Amy:) 
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Dear Amy, thank you so much for this. After a tough year and a bad experience trying to pick up on roll overs, I now finally tried it again in this class. Wonderful way to wake up old connections!!!
Marie Susannah Ish Carina Laurence Annika Kerry Hannah Thank You for taking class with me!!
Jane Cindy Cigdem Katie Gary Helga thanks everyone.. .and yes, your hips probably felt better from the inner thigh work and the release on the lateral line!  Always a nice feeling!!
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What a wonderful class Amy thank you. I love your guidance and visualisation it really helps me get deeper into the movement. Love all your classes!
Hi Katherine E , thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment for me about what resonates for you.  This means a lot to me!
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