Arms and Abs
Mariska Breland
Class 4191

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Pilates-ish is the new Pilates! Love your classes, Mariska. Your cues are perfect, and you're a fabulous teacher, but your energy and your sense of humour is what makes me tick (and laugh!), especially these days... when we could all do with a bit more positive vibes in our lives. Thank you!
Laurence F Awww. Pilatesish is the only Pilates I can teach! 
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I just love the way you are because you make me realize that we shoudn't take ourselves too serious... Thank you for this lovely class!
Mariska has a great way of bringing shoulder strength and slight inversions (head lower than tail) into class that will open up new orientations for doing old favorites like hip abduction and extension.  There are pushups in this class but so much more for not ignoring that upper body!
Loved this class, both hubby and I did it together, and it was good for a few laughs as well! Thanks Mariska, will be doing more! 
Great class! "My wingspan is approximately that of a large predatory bird" was where I was hooked.
Thank you for this wonderful class Mariska! 🌻
My arms feel pumped now! Love your creativity Mariska. 
Fantastic arm work in a mat class though the reverse push up onto head was ‚insane‘ …… maybe a pile of pillows to bring the floor to my forehead might have helped;)
Doris K My trainer makes me do that exercise as a prep exercise for handstand pushups (which are definitely not happening for me in this lifetime). He does handstand pushups as if they're easy and something normal humans can do. 😉
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