Arms and Abs<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4191

Arms and Abs
Mariska Breland
Class 4191

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He obviously believes you will achieve them one day🤔 My chances at 62 just recovering from two broken wrist are not as likely…but I will keep trying😁💪
Doris K Trying is really all we can do... 
Rhonda N
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Love you! Awesome variations. Always excited to see what else you bring to the mat.
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Besides this being a great class, I am loving the workout wear, what brand is it? Thank you!
Darlene M the top is from Carbon 38 and the pants are Lululemon- both 2-4 years old though. Glad you liked the class (and the outfit)! I try to dress cute for Pilates anytime. I’m currently wearing socks that aren’t a pair, sweatpants with a hole in the knee, a long sleeve T, and a hoodie. Nothing matches. 
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Thank you Mariska - always love your well thought out variations.
Jaren  T
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Wonderful arm and ab workout!
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Loved this class and my triceps will feel that tomorrow! Also loved the triceps stretch you did- way more effective than bending your elbow and pushing it behind your neck/back while standing- the stretch we always did as kids.  Thank you!
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