Incorporating Flow
Brett Howard
Class 4201

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Happy anniversary guys! And thanks for another beautiful class Brett. I look forward to these so much each week. You are a brilliant teacher. 
Love it

simply beautiful
thankyou Brett, that felt good! theres a couple of challenges for me to work on and perfect too.
love your classes
Awesome class! Thank you!
That was an awesome class, thanks!
Happy anniversary Brett! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your classes. You just helped me to get the hand clasp in the boomerang. I always had a challenge getting my arms back but your instruction of bending elbows was brilliant :)
LOVED this one!!! Especially the grace, flow and dance-training feel. Happy Anniversary you guys!

Happy Anniversary you two! Brett, I love your energy and your smile. You brighten my day. This class just moved into my favorites playlist, along with a lot of others you've done. Thank you so much!!
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