Reformer on the Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 4233

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Beautiful class as always Kristi. Thank you x
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Loved the class! But I sure need to get connected on the rollup and over as I seem to have no strength to lift legs over without giving myself a push with my hands.  I will keep practicing.
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I have been missing the reformer and loved this adaptation of exercises for the mat.  Thank you, Kristi!
I was missing the reformer workout as well! This was good. Thanks!
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This was challenging for me - in a good way! Loved the class and thanks for having us in your home. I miss the grass wall
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This was my 50th birthday workout, and it was good. Thanks for keeping me moving, strong, and flexible into the next decade, Kristi. Your workouts have been key to my physical fitness.
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Loved it phew need to work on my arm strength and my roll over 👏💕
Thanks Everyone! Deb for the roll up try rolling up an hand towel lengthwise and place it at the top of your sacrum, when you make contact with it press into it in both directions. Sometimes a little assist makes a big difference!  Happy 50th Adam. I just turned 50 also! Here we go! Joanne I miss the grass wall too. I don't miss the spiders in my garage though!! 
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Thank you Kristi! Luckily I have a reformer at home so I have  been able to use mine during the quarantine but this class was awesome. What a way to keep it honest on some of these exercises. Loved all of that extension at the end as we were mimicking pulling  straps and breaststroke. The Beginning footwork was also awesome! 
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I love spine stretches.. in this class it is the one where you are sitting in the figure four position; you then turn to the side & put both hands on the floor. I have to remember that one because it popped so many vertebrae:)  I got a good workout, had fun, and feel much better. Thanks again Kristi:)  
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