Reformer on the Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 4233

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Brad I am very happy to read your comment here! 

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fab class thank you Kristi! beautiful home! and love doing these movements. I couldn't hear any other noises!
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Thank you so much Kristi- I needed that! My whole body feels stretched and worked and ready to go- brilliant !
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Loved it!!! Wow - reformer without reformer can be so intense if you use your imagination as you say! Thank you so much!!
What an amazing effect this class has on me. I have (again) an active prolaps and a beginning sciatica. This class has truly releived pressure on nerves and i feel so much more flexible and free. I have to continue! Thank you for this great session!
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Hi Kristi - couldn't hear the leaf blower or your back cracking. Heard my back crack though, thank you so much!
So glad you all couldn't hear the leaf blower!  Kjersti Tokle F what amazing news about your experience! Thank you all for joining me!
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