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I am only half way through this conversation but can I say thank you Jared and Amy !!!!! I appreciate this so much :)
Deborah Wasko You're so welcome!  What struck you the most?
Let us know when you finish the second half - we definitely ramped things up as we continued talking!   Amy Havens 
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Hi! I was  online too. From italy. It was really useful and very nice hear you with su h important topics about immediate future. Ad I Am a new teacher and practitioner I really preciate to listen your experience and you are so generosi about sharing it
Jared and Amy, I finished the webinar ! I was inspired by the talk about what is here to stay in our future and I also really appreciated the advice to think about what direction suits us as individual teachers and creativly move forward in that direction. I felt inspired by the end of the discussion that we truly can design our own futures as pilates instructors and business owners currently. There really are very little limitations as there isnt a script at the moment . It really is an exciting time in the fitness industry and I feel that we can focus on that and not the obvious hardships that brought us here...

Thanks again Jared and Amy and many blessings to you both in the new year !!
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Hi Amy & Jared, Thanks for sharing your experiences,  thoughts, ideas, predictions and so much more. As a home studio owner in UK you have given me much to think about moving forward. Much appreciated.  
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I loved this chat! I went back to the video to try to find the article links that were referenced. I think that was only in the zoom chat, can you post the list in the comments?
Deborah Wasko Thank you for your optimism!  There is incredible freedom that's available right now to those who are ready to move -  if they're able + open to it. For others, that amount of freedom is paralyzing. It's all about what can work for you.  Jen H  You're so welcome! Good luck as you work on your home Studio and how you can impact your Clients.  Raelea S  Thank you!  Amy Havens can you check on the links? 
Thank you Jared and Amy. So interesting, as I was watching, I realized I am not alone in thoughts about some of the topics you discussed about the issues from the past year. One thing that has frustrated me is the constant opening/closing of studios, especially when we have been so careful and yet clumped in with busy gyms. So much so, I am thinking of going back to school for an"essential" modality, so I can still have work if/when this happens again. I enjoyed the discussion about being creative and following what works well for me and my clients. And the comfort to know I can try things and fail and try again. I have pivoted so many times this past year: some ideas failed, some ideas succeeded, and boy did I learn a lot. I currently run a small semi-private studio in my home with separate entrance. I used to work for a rec centre and studio before the shutdowns in March. I would never have gone out on my own to start my own business, but the shutdowns left me unemployed. Thanks!
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In Sydney, Australia, we were locked down for around 8 weeks in March 2020.
After reopening  we had restricted class numbers and of course hands on teaching is still off limits.  We have not been forced to close again with Australia handling the pandemic extremely well.  Almost no community transmition and generally only seeing COVID cases in returning travelers who are placed into strict Hotel quarantine upon arrival back in Australia.
This has forced all of us to really hone our cueing  and other skills, to connect with our clients.
I believe it has had a positive effect in many ways, and the Pilates Industry in Australia is currently booming.
Studios are increasing classes and employing more teachers,
with more and more people  looking to Pilates for their preferred exercise.  
I hope that when you find your way through this pandemic you will also find a booming industry.
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Amy Goeldner Congrats on all the experiments, AND for going out on your own. That's AMAZING! I've been there and it can be scary, tho it also has a ton of benefits too. 
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