Ready To Return To Life
Saul Choza
Class 4390

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What a fun class! Lots of variety and challenge.  I am going to definitely look for more of Saul's level 2-3 classes. Lots of opportunity to practice rollovers, balance, and flows.  I had a great time, sweated, and feel much better. Thanks Again Saul:) 
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Great energy and challenge, would love to see more Saul, thank you!
Wow, that was a great workout! Loved it! 
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Josee P. Joly I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. My body is still soar from Thursday. Everyone muscle aches just right. 😉
Rosemary thank you! I have a few other classes in my PA library. 
Gary M it is my pleasure. Let me know how these classes reflect on the reformer work. 
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Loved it! Great class!
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Saul this class was extraordinary! I was smiling by the end of it and feeling my whole body. Thanks for sharing your work and keeping Joseph Pilates work alive!
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Wow wow wow what a class! Almost an out of body experience, I have a lot of practise to improve some of those Animal moves but I entend too!! Thank you so much 🙌🏻👏🏼
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WOW I totally LOVE this class. A blend of classical and animal flow. GREAT. Tough and a great workout. The blend of both disciplines are lovely. I am always looking for variations for interest. 
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