Ready To Return To Life
Saul Choza
Class 4390

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This was an amazing class! I moved in ways I've never moved before! Exciting, challenging, and fun!
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Very good Challenge ... thank you 👍🇩🇰
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What a great awesome class! Thank you 
Jennifer A I have been feeling my body worked all week. I’m so glad you liked the class! 
Francesca R it is an out of body experience! Let me know your progress. 
Bunny R there is a clip of Joseph Pilates doing some variations which looks like animal flow. Check it out on YouTube!
Alexandra H tell me more about your experience in this class. Did you like the primal flow. 
Dorthe V cool! Thanks for watching all videos. Will you be doing this class again? 
WOW!!! I'm in love with your classes, Thank you so much!!
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Saul will you continue giving classes through Pilates Anytime? What a good class! Tks
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