Calming Nerves
James Crader
Class 4423

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Bonnie C Thank you so much for the thoughtful and beautiful compliment ... I appreciate it!
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Gary M Glad you enjoyed your time! This was definitely the entry to a multi-week experience. We're headed somewhere with all the installations ... and I hope you'll join us for the remaining 7 weeks!
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Thank you for making the world a better place with this beautiful free way of moving!
This was so much fun and just felt so amazing after waking up!! Thank you, James!
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Amazing! Thank you for your courage. The world needs more practice like that right now.
brilliant! thank you james. looking forward to the next seven weeks.
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This class takes the control you try to exert in other classes and turns it into pure, neutral observation.  What if I didn't have a way of doing something and just let my body tell me how to get there?  Where am I different?  What did I feel on the way?  No words or style required.  Just sensation and arrival.
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so enjoyed this unusual class.  And loved falling....  Look forward to more falling!
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Thanks James for this fantastic class. Just what my own body needed but also as a teacher to be reminded of the power of movement, especially the simplicity of movement and tasks. I'm so looking forward to this series. 
Marieke V I really appreciate that beautiful compliment!
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