Powerhouse Magic
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4447

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Wonderful, we can only but enjoy this class.  Thank you

Allison O Thank you for your valuable feedback, appreciated! 
Laurie C Thank you! Lovely to see your comment, yes you are very right it is a  love/hate relation with the MC, as you well said and I completely agree that it is very good for us!  
Rebecca Thank you for your valuable feedback, very appreciated. 
Judy P Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm delighted! 
Hi Maria P thank you and well done I'm pleased you enjoyed and pushed yourself! 

Hi Brian B Thank you again for your uplifting comment! BTW you must have your own magic circle, I guarantee it will be one of your favourite Pilates toys LOL. 
Hi Mandy D you are too kind thank you!! 
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