Reformer On The Mat
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4460

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What a great challenge - I needed this! Thank you for something completely different and your personality is lovely ;) Definitely looking forward to more of your mat classes!
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Outstanding! What a creative idea and it really felt like I was on the reformer. I loved the level that felt advanced and yet within reach (except for those crazy lifts - are those even possible?!). Grateful for this class. 
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That was really tough. I have been teaching on zoom and thought I was really strong but your class highlighted I need to do more classes for me and focus on my body. I love the reformer to mat ideas. They really triggered my ideas which is really inspiring for me. Thank you xx
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Wonderful class to feel energised for the day! Definitely pushing you to new limits, making you feel very strong and lifting up your mood! Thank you ūüôŹ¬†
Thank you Alexandra! Lots of fun! 
Hi Robin G. oh thanks you are so kind! I'm delighted to hear you enjoyed, yes there is more fun to come!! Hugs from London! xoxo

Hi Brian B, yay so wonderful that you were able to feel like you were on the Reformer!! What crazy lifts haha yes with time you too will be able to do them!

Hi Rosa Reeve, thank you for your sweet words! Yes & yes I completely agree with you, Zoom is a blessing to many of us all, but we teachers need the time to work on our own bodies! I'm pleased you enjoyed; I love sharing the work! 
Hi Patricia R lovely that is how we should feel after a hard workout, well done for completing it! xoxo
Hi Stanislava I thrilled to know you enjoyed, yes that is my definition of fun :D xoxo
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