Sweaty Mess Mat
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4491

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Hi Lina S yes & yes we all have a child inside of us we just have to let it free. 
Lauramaria S Yes Pilates is fun and makes us sweat, I'm so glad the workout felt short I think that means you enjoyed! Thanks for your valuable comment! 
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Legal! A proxima vez vou ver os teus outros videos primeiro. I am indeed more creaky than I thought!
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I loved this class. It was upbeat and innovative - just what I needed (and think pilates anytime needs more of)!! Thank you!!!!
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I was a sweaty mess after this class. Challenging class but excellent cues. Class like this makes you humble and looking out for more. Thanks so much
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Alexandria, you are a pure delight! I have my work cut out for me completing your whole series in acceptable form! Will keep practicing! Thank you!
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Oh wow. I LOVED this sweaty mess so much. Thank you for this gem!!! (And the whole series!) 
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Enjoyed sweating and moving and trying and pushing myself responsibly- definitely not for the "weak" at heart and body- thank you Alexandra!
What a wonderful class!! The sequencing was lovely.  Thank you!! 
Lovely!  Especially that final stnading twist!!
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