Beginner Series #10
Niedra Gabriel
Class 451

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I really enjoyed this 10 part series.
thank you very much great cues, easy to follow , more please, blanche

Thanks very much. I see real improvements and am looking forward to more.
Whoo-Hoo!! THANK YOU NIEDRA!!! What a great series, you were so positive and fun throughout. I really feel like I've accomplished something through this 10-part series (more like 20-part to me since I'd repeat as necessary). I have incorporated a lot of this routine while stretching after cycling or in the morning. I can't wait to try more. :)
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Thank you i have really enjoy the 10 session .Excellent!!
Thankyou all for your feed back. I am thrilled that this series got you going. It is hard to be a beginner, and so worth moving thourhg the challenges and progressing. so keep up taking classes, on line, and enjoy the rewards.
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Really enjoyed this series. Hopefully, Niedra can do an intermediate class series of 10. Very inspiring.
Thank you Niedra! You are a great teacher, always so encouraging and working with us "where we are". I live in a rural area and don't have access to a studio so you're detailed beginner teaching helped me work through a lot of movements I hadn't quite been getting right (but didn't know it). This series has been a blessing!
Thank you Katherine, very happy to get your feed back and that you are learning. This world of internet educaiton is fantastic as it allows for so many people to get helped.
Keep on going.
Thank you for these beginners classes! I have been doing Insanity workouts for over a year and injured my lower back and hip system. I also had scoliosis surgery 25(plus) years ago. My dr told me to quit the high impact exercises and try Pilates. I admit that I am stiff in my back but can tell that Pilates has helped! It has been great to log onto and enjoy a class in my own home! Thanks you!!
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