Reformer Workout
Kathy Corey
Class 459

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i loved kathy's teachng technique, she explained all the exercises perfectly, great class
Thank you for this inspiring workout!
Hi Kristi and Amy. I have a question about the riser set up and strap length for Kathy's awesome class. Can you tell me how you measured the strap( double or single loop)? Also, are the riser set high for a reason? Thanks, love all your hard but, fun work! Sue
HI Sue ~ I'm not sure we measured the risers in this class, I don't think Kathy was very particular about it as she usually cues to finding the spot that works for you within what the equipment offers. That said, the strap is at the top of the risers which would seem to help in the rowing into teaser exercise. In our studio we usually take the handle (single), place it around the middle of the shoulder rest and pull the strap tight with carriage still on stopper. Hope that helps...
Lovely ¡¡¡¡ Excellent work, thanks so much Kathy, Thank you Pilates Anytime, I really enjoyed this class :D
hi kathy, now i remember where i learned the roller coaster. great program, and as always your instruction and choreography is done with such class. i am proud to have had you as one of my teachers!
Wow... What a great class.. I have pins in my lower back L 3 4 5... After doing this class I feel so great.. Pilates has help me keep strong and help me take care of my hansicapped boy.. Thanks for being on line.. I can't get out much because of Eric... So being able to do on line helpes me soooo much... Thank again...
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Great, great, great! If only my old brain could remember it all! Her classes have certainly helped my Teasers! Kristi and Amy beautiful!
one of my faves...but now it keeps cutting out and stopping. :(
Kerry~ If you try and watch this on a lower setting it might help (select MEDIUM or LOW under the video). The picture won't be as pretty but it might be easier for your internet to handle. I hope that helps!
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