Reformer Core Flow Challenge<br>Kathy Corey<br>Class 459

Reformer Core Flow Challenge
Kathy Corey
Class 459

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Thank you, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to experience this class by Kathy! Also a quick thank you to all of you at PilatesAnytime for providing this platform. in particular I love that you truly show the instructors teaching different bodies! Each class is like going through training again. Love it!
my body feels sooo great after this class........THANK YOU
Thank you Yoly! With the exception of some of the Visiting and distinguished instructors classes, these are our real classes so the people on camera are the people who came to class (and were willing to be on camera, there are others who choose not to be filmed). If ever your in the area, we hope you will join us too! Many thanks!
Wow, this class gets better each time (I've only done it twice)! I love the way the exercises are put together - they flow beautifully and work you over at the same time!
What a treat to see Cathy teach! The two of you were beautiful! I could feel it inmy body as you were doing it! Can't wait to try some the moves out!
Love the beautiful variations. Question; I the noticed the straps were set high on the risers. Is that for a particular reason for that workout, or just a preference of Kathy's or you guys? Again, thanks for the opportunity to experience this body of work. Warmest regards, Sue
HI Sue, I don't recall if Kathy specifically changed the straps like that, though we don't normally leave them like that in the studio. It seems they are in a good place for the teasers and the sitting side exercise, but I'll bet it doesn't make a real big difference ultimately.
I love this sequencing. It feels so good in the body and playful too. Even my go-getter clients were humbled in a fun way. Laughter was involved. Thank you Kathy, Kristi and Amy.
Thank you so much for this session. I loved it so much that I shared it with one of my clients (and plan to share with more). So creative & gorgeous!
Love Kathy, I have been fortunate to attend several conference workshops that she held and she is always lovely, entertaining and best of all knowledgeable! This class was everything I've come to expect from Kathy, blending the classical with her own beautiful choreography. I found some very unique challenges to flow into my classical routine for my advanced clients!
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