Lower Body Reformer
Gia Calhoun
Class 4627

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Gia, thank you, very good and short in time - just what needed during the busy week!
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Love Love Love this session! Hits all the jiggly bits! Thank you, Gia, for creating such a fun flow!
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loved it! Thank you!!
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Great flow!  Even though the focus is on the legs, still got a great arm workout.  Thank you, Gia!
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My 1st class with you Gia & so good, set me up for the day. Thank you 🙏🏻 x
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Thank you all for taking my class! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!
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Gia, you rock!  Thank you.  Great class.
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Love this great, quick, full body workout thanks Gia.
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I really enjoy your classes. Your voice is so clam and soothing I sometimes forget how hard the work really is. 
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I really liked this class.   The instruction is very clear and it's well paced.  I can definitely feel it afterwards, yet it never felt uncomfortable during the session.  Thank you.  
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