Magic Circle Mat
Diane D and Laura H
Class 4663

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I really enjoyed the class; great cueing and flow;you are a perfect team; thank you so much 
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I’m a big fan of magic circle mat classes, and this is as good as it gets. Really great, thank you. And also - as a parent, I really appreciated the vibe here! Awesome class.
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That class was so much fun! Great way to start the week! Thank you thank you, Diane and Laura!
That was extra special mum and daughter. Thank you for super clear, no fuss cues.
Super class - wonderful flow and cueing!  I was inspired to become a Pilates teacher by my mom (she's a student) and now as her teacher I can't wait to share this class with her! 
Now that I know you’re mother and daughter I definitely see the resemblance. Both very lovely and  very talented. Thank you!
Fun flowing class! Thank you!
Love this mother/daughter tag team! Beautiful class with beautiful ladies! Thank you!👏🏻💕
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This class went by so quickly! Excellent cueing, could have done the whole class without even looking at the screen.  Fantastic 40 mins and will be feeling this tomorrow.  Hope to see more classed from the two of you.
This felt so great and I love how you two work together!
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