Mariska Breland
Class 4682

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"I probably should have more fear in my life, but that's what therapy is for" 😂
love this love your classes always Mariska...mostly because you are so entertaining....while giving killer class!!
Fabulous class! Thank you. Love all the single arm single leg varitations. Will be teaching to my classes tomorrow! :)
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Love these creative variations, thanks!
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Awesome unilateral variations! Love your cues and your sense humor...afterall, It's just Pilates!:)
Avery M I'll get around to it eventually. 🤪
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Thank you! So many new variations and combinations. So nice to think outside the box and I love your unilateral focus. Always trying to find the right "balance". LOL
Thank you! Very creative and always love
Your classes☺️
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Excellent class as usual! Thank you Mariska and bravo👏 
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The unilateral work was dynamic!  Super creative and loved the use of the over ball too!  I will be on repeat with that hip flexor stretch at the end:) Thank you for sharing Mariska!;) 
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