Teaser Madness
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 4731

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Lina S 🙌🏻 You are welcome Lina.
Laurie C Yes, it's definitely challenging but can be adapted to different levels. Like the saw for example: it can be done with the legs in teaser, or the usual way. 
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Great teaser variations; novel and very challenging!   I look forward to taking this class again!
Amy S Yes 🙌🏻 . The teaser really reminds us what Pilates is about 😉 Enjoy!
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Yikes that was tough but I was stronger than I expected !
Heather yay Heather! Good job! 👊🏻
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Thank you Ilaria, I love your class and it is really challenging for me. I decided to do it twice a week.
Eva F 🙌🏻 wonderful! let me know how it goes after you repeat it a few times. 
grande ilaria! non avevo mai provato tutte queste variazioni, in realtà non ci avevo mai pensato! alla fine però i miei flessori dell'anca non ce l'hanno fatta con le ultime varianti, mi allenerò di piu. Come si dice, breve ma intensa! grazie
Paola D Non ti preoccupare. Prova a lavorare piu lentamente e con movimenti meno ampi alla fine, cosi da poter controllare meglio la posizione del bacino... fammi sapere come va!
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