Trust the Unknown<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 4878

Trust the Unknown
Regina Santos
Class 4878

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Such strong and inspirational pilates! Thanks for this solid class, definitely something for me to work towards.
Regina Santos
Beverly L Thank you so much! I'm happy the work inspired you :) I'm here to support you! 
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Outstanding class!!THANKS
Nic L
can you advise which springs? regina mentions the no of springs but not the colour. 
Regina Santos
Ozlem D Awesome! So glad you enjoyed :) 
Regina Santos
Nic L Hi! On the Gratz reformer, one spring is very light, 2 are moderate, 3 are medium-heavy and 4 is heavy...I hope that helps you find the colors and combos that correspond!! 
Savannah B
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Transitions between movements are way, WAY too fast. I’ve been doing Pilates for 25 years and I know the excercises and equipment well. But we don’t know which move you’re going to do next, so you need to wait a few seconds for us to listen to you announce the movement and the equipment adjustment, then do it. You announce WHILE you’re doing it, which means I have to pause every exercise at the beginning. It completely ruins the flow of the workout
Regina Santos
Savannah B Hi! Thank you for checking it out!  I recommend practicing with the first class, Present Moment Awareness until you are comfortable with the order and then do the rest of the series before you do this one. It's all the same order, we've just built on them. And of course, skip the exercises that don't work for you. Keep practicing and stay in touch! 
Savannah B
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Hi Regina. I’ve done all your videos, and I find the transitions too fast on all of them. I shouldn’t have to practice a specific instructor’s classes in order to follow along with a video - that kind of defeats the whole purpose of using an app like this with so many different instructors
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Loved the pace and the choice of exercises! Your solid instruction really helped me with the individual movements and also made it fun with clear places for me to improve. Overall an excellent class that I will return to again and again -- THANK YOU!
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