Whole Body Tower
Meredith Rogers
Class 5047

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Perfect! Thank you! 
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Thank very much!! Que alegría volverte a ver!!! queremos muchas clases contigo por favor!!!
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My torso enjoyed just seeing those opening moves! Great video with great cues delivered with calm, clarity, & enjoyment! Thank you!
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Absolutely loved this class from beginning to end! Loved the slow tempo too (the burn in those abs!!). Thanks a lot for this nice gift, Meredith :))
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So nice! Thank you.
wonderful pace and format
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Beautiful class and just what my body needed today. Many thanks Meredith, I feel I meditate as I do your classes and love it. Love your energy.
Wonderful class as always, Meredith.  
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Great class. Thank you!
Lovely! Thank yoU!
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