Beginner Foam Roller
Tom McCook
Class 5100

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Amazing class- Thank you Tom. I love how you teach with such clarity and wonderful simple directions, which make a huge difference to how you understand the exercise. I look forward to teaching this with my clients soon :)
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Excellent class! I appreciate your explanations, the reasons behind some cues and the tactile cues you provide. Nice combination of stretching and strengthening. There's one exercise I'm not sure I've understood (sacrum on roller, pressing the heel or the foot of the extended leg while holding the other knee to the chest). Was it only to release the hip flexors?
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Thanks so much Tom, a perfect Friday workout to head into the weekend feeling balanced, centered and strong.
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Anna HLina S & Dianne H,
Thank you all for your inspiring feedback! Lina the heel press is to improve the hip flexor stretch by activating the hip extensors creating reciprocal inhibition, releasing the antagonist muscles. Done with breath and repetition is an effective approach. 😊🙏
Amazing class, thanks so much - definitely needed after a hectic week and feel so much better!  Looking forward to sharing some of these gems in my classes next week too!
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Louisa Harris, You are most welcome!! Thank you for your feedback and wishing you all the best!
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The perfect class to end a busy work week.  Thank you, Tom.  Your voice is so calming.  Your cueing is so precise.  Thank you for returning to PA.
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Dawn U, Thank you, I'm happy to hear it was the right movement medicine for you at the end of the week! Warm regards
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Every class you present is special, thoughtful and gives more insight into the human body.  Thank you.
PJ W, thank you for your thoughtful, kind feedback!! Your very welcome!😊🙏
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