Functional Mat w/ Theraband<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5101

Functional Mat w/ Theraband
Tom McCook
Class 5101

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Julie Lloyd
Thank you for a brilliant theraband class Tom. This is just what the Dr ordered. I have a bit of a tight right side of the neck/clavicle this week, and your mix of exercises has made me feel a lot more balanced. The strength aspect of this was amazing as well, as you have managed to work every part of the body beautifully. Thank you again.
Julie L,  Thank you so much! It's great to hear you were able to release tension and improve function through this class, that's the best!! 
Tom, loved this. Felt amazing. I've got arthritis in C5,6&7 so I get referred pain in back of shoulder all the time. This really released that tension we tend to hold there. Also, PSA to all: this class actually has quite a bit of heat. There's no riding the springs; it's all you the whole time. 
Lisa R
Loved the intention and how what might look easy caused me to sweat!
Fantastic class, as are the others i have tried over the past week. Thank you so much and your use of language is inspiring. 
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Lori M & Lisa R, Thank you for your great feedback! Lori that inspiring to hear you feel the benefits in your shoulders and neck. Enjoy and all the best!👊🙏
Zoe rebecca burke, Thank you for comments, it’s great to hear your enjoying the classes and verbal guidance!!🙏
Wonderful warmup for stiff bodies and then moves to  reformer & mat-type exercises  but with therabands, which balances but also greatly strengthens. You can control the tension and strengthening with length of the bands.
 I just happen to prefer to breath in opposite pattern to teacher. Does that affect things differently?
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T Dikhanov, Thank you for your positive feedback! My suggestion with the breathing is to explore doing the exercises both ways to notice the differences without being too attached to one way. The main point is to breath with awareness to support better movement quality, proper tone and efficiency. Wishing you all the best from the classes!
Love this
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