Yo'lates Mat Class
Cathleen Murakami
Class 511

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Loved your class- you made the mat class fun with your innovative and creative Yo'lates Pilates!Thanks
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This was such fun!! A bit hard on the knees at times ( but I got bad ones) I have not done Yoga in such a long while. I really enjoyed the combo of Pilates mixed in along with the Yoga.The instructor is great with her cueing, energy and enthusiam! Really enjoyable. Thanks!
Thanks to both of you!! @Jamie - you can try REALLY pulling up through your inner leg line (and engaging entire leg) and see if that takes some of the pressure off...if not, I was just at IDEA World Fitness and I saw a gal selling these cool foam "donuts" that you can use to place your kneecaps in....you can email me directly if you'd like me to try and find out here name for you. @ Elaine - glad you enjoyed.....gear up and try the next level!!
Love this class! There's so much power in slow, sustained movement--it's easy to overlook sometimes in Pilates. Excellent cueing as well. More like this please!
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Great cueing as always! I understand the importance ofslow, controlled movements to build strength but would love to see the Pilates/Yoga combo in a little more of a flowing workout.
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I loved it! I love your cueing and visualization for the participants. What an enjoyable class
Thanks so much! @ Jamie appreciate your feedback....when Kristi invites me back, will definitely flow more in the advanced level...I get concerned about positioning and alignment with folks I don't know well, that I do tend to slow things down....@ Roseanne - thank you again! I am so happy my offering works for you!!
@ Colleen - I appreciate your appreciation! Controlled movement to me is the ultimate challenge...but then, that's just me...
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Nice relaxing class.
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I would love more yollates classes! thanks diana
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