Yo'lates Mat Class
Cathleen Murakami
Class 511

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@ Mary - glad you got some chill off the class. @ Diana - I can't wait to do more for PA!!
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I loved your incorporation of the muscular subsystems.
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Excellent class! The Roll Back with ball under lumbar & arm lifts is particularly gruelling but I loved it! thank you.
@ Mary - I'm so glad when someone understands and "sees" the internal matrix of connections!!, TY!! @ Madonna - I know...killer! you can also then try it with very light "weights" (other than your arms!!) such as a 1 -2 lb soft ball or something like that.....eeeeek!
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Loved this class. Really liked the twist on the saw. Please have more classes. This was perfect after my 4 mile run. :)
Thanks, Jodie! Glad to hear the class might have stretched out those hips and ankles after your run!! Whoo hoo!
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love it thank you
Madonna, Caroline - thank you!...hoping to get back up to PA and Kristi this year sooooon!
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Loved it !!!! Would love more of these.
@ Jodie...the saw move is a cool one..glad you liked it! @ Pureza thank you for your comment! Lovely to get a thumbs up first thing in the AM!
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