Mat Workout
Kara Wily
Class 515

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Wow this was tough but I loved it!
This is the first class I haven’t enjoyed. Not because it was too hard but it was very boring and way too fast. I don’t feel like to did me any good
Lucy cool.
Oh my this is the hardest workout on here!!!
Naomi thank you for joining me.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I find I need to "get my kicks" out during this time.  So I hope it fulfilled you on a couple levels!  Stay well and thanks once again.  Kara
Very nice class, could barely keep up, and had to pause it at the end to get into the sidekick series right. Great mental challenge when each new cycle starts over)
Ivan Thanks for joining me in this workout the other day and thanks for the feedback. I hope it will help you to stay strong and healthy at this time.  Your profile photo is beautiful, I can see you have a strong practice.  Nice to meet you!  Stay strong:)
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Kara, nice to meet you too, and thank you very much for your kind words! As a relative novice in the world of Pilates, they mean a lot to me, coming from a distinguished practitioner and teacher like you! I'm a big fan of your workouts - I also tried and enjoyed your "self-indulgent" mat class #1222, and #1215 as well as your tutorials are on my upcoming playlist!  Kara Wily
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Really enjoyed this class. The audio was difficult to hear and fluctuated between too low and back to normal.
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