Add on Mat™<br>Kara Wily<br>Class 515

Add on Mat™
Kara Wily
Class 515

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Oh MY!!!!! I got through the first 30 minutes....this is hard...good but hard!!
got to the stomach series and the video stopped....a tease...don't know if that is my computer or the website...this has happenned before...let me know if others experience this...thanks
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ok i got thru it, feel very worked out. thank you...i did find problems with the volume cutting out though...please let me know if others experience this
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Thank you for this session...loved the beginning note...I paraphrase, "You repeat in Pilates to do it BETTER." Also...thigh stretch was amazing as a group. Thanks again!
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Loved the accelerated pace!!Did about 50 min. - Thanks for the session!
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I finished it this time. Very nice pace and wonderful challenge. Thanks. Yes, the sound fades out every once in awhile but once you get the sequence it doesn't matter too much. More like this. It is nice to have more options on level 3.
that was a hard class
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Awesome! this actually got my heart rate up. She wastes no time at all. More from her. How bout reformer and small props? The volume/sound system however was very lousy. But the class was still fun.
Pls. fix it.
Because of the energy of the class and the nature of the movements in relation to the microphone that Kara is wearing, there were many high peaks of microphone noise and reverberation that we opted to diminish or remove to better your workout experience. Unfortunately, that meant some of the words were also cut in the process. We'll look to do it differently next time if possible. Thank you for the feedback.
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Great workout! Only got through 15 minutes!! Of course I had just finished a long 6.8 mile run! Loved it and will try again on a day I am not running:) Thank you, PA for this wonderful site!
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