Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 517

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As i have said, I love your work Sarah. Your cuing is so good that even though the video picture stopped halfway through, I could finish the class just by listening to you.
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I love the class and the stretch, a little hard since I'm alone at home when you don't specify springs and when you move things for your client . . . I tend to get behind . . . But really nice sequence . . . Thanks
Awesome, like it!!Thank you
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Very nice class thank you
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one of the things that I love of Pilates Anytime is that you can see the grow of the teachers in their way of teaching. I watched this class today, and I have watched so many other classes of Sarah Bertucelli and in 6 years she has incredibly evolved in her teaching and in the way she feels Pilates. For me this is alway inspiring and it's one of the reason I love Pilates, it never gets easy or boring, it's a continuous discovery.
Thank you Marta for taking the time to comment. I also love Pilates Anytime for the same reason. So very true, Pilates never gets easier, instead it gets better as we grow.
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I love this! Sarah Bertucelli I'm crushing over your classes! Thank you
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Love Sarah Bertucelli! My favorite instructor with Pilates Anytime! Easy to follow, fun, a great balance of stretch/strengthening. I hope to see you more on here!
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