Jump Board Fun
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 517

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Love it, Sarah! Great class. Missing my CTTC time with you! You rock. :)
Sarah, So happy to see you on Pilates Anytime! I hope there are plans for a mat class.
Sarah I loved "playing" with you on P.A.! I hope to see more of you here in the future. I just love the way you cue!
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Very disturbing that there is no correction of placement of the relationship of knee tracking in alignment with the foot. When there is a hopping jump, it is so obvious to the viewer that the woman on the left has her right knee dangerously out of alignment with her foot. It is angled to the left of her big toe whenever she lands. This is one of the things I work so carefully to correct. The knee should be aligned over the two middle toes. Flexion of the hip socket, flexion of the knee and flexion of the ankle should be watched very carefully. Observation skills are so important. I am not impressed.
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Sarah I loved it. Can't wait to put some clients through it tomorrow.
I had to laugh at the first comment regarding the "lady on on the left". Would not have PA without that lady : ).
Hello All, Thanks for watching. It is quite a pleasure to hear from each of you.
Jill- I so hope to see you soon!
Cherie-Yes, mat classes are on the way.
Judy- As you know, I love to play.
Idrienne- Being filmed is a new challenge, but a wonderful learning experience. As for knee tracking, both clients have been practicing Pilates for a very long time and have been taught very well how to align the legs by various teachers. This workout was meant to be an opportunity to "practice" jumping for longer periods of time. Having said that, I absolutely agree that knee alignment is crucial to jumping and I assure you both students continue to move forward with the work in every way!
Kathy-Thanks! I hope your clients enjoy.
Idrienne, as "the woman on the left" (kristi) I feel I must chime in on three points. One, I agree with you that alignment is important and should be observed closely. Two, the angle at which you are seeing my deviation exaggerates the truth of what is happening from both my view and Sarah's view. We have the Reformer on an angle so it appears straight for the camera. To be continued in next post.... (can only fit 1000 characters )
Third, I do have a rotation of my lower leg (good eye), but it would be dangerously unnatural for me to align my knee over my two middle toes as you suggest. I recognize that this is the standard rule, but in fact it is an inappropriate cue for me particularly when jumping. Finally, Sarah and I work very closely together. She has been my teacher for many sessions and knows my body well. It would have been a good idea to acknowledge all of that for the viewer. I think Sarah and I both see that now and thank you for reminding us to be more diligent about such things, but I am happy to say that my knee and whole body felt great after this workout.
I loved the variations for a nice change. Cueing and counting could have been better when jumping. Pls. be clear when jumps are about to change and how so. This avoids neck turning to see the screen. With strong cueing I can go through a workout without looking at the screen because things are clear. It would also be helpful to keep track of counting. Doing 30 plus bicep curls and not as many chest expansions just seems a bit unbalanced. Just some suggestions.
Fun and clear cuing although I do agree about counting for the viewer as we are actually practicing with you, I will often view the video prior to practice if I have time. I am not the best "counter" so I can relate! However I really enjoyed the pace and the concentration on the jumpboard. Thank you!
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