Reformer Workout
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 534

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Without a doubt this is now my favorite Osteo-safe reformer class!
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First I saw the words osteo-safe and thought the workout would be kinda on the geriatric side. But boy was I wrong. It's one of the best on this site with lots of creative variations. More from her.
I enjoyed the class. It was challenging. I would love to have known that there were props needed. I had to stop the video several times to get items like my ball, box and pole that I didn't think I needed.
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Thanks for an osteo-safe class on the reformer! I liked using the stability ball, felt great!
Darn! Sorry Heather! My fault! I'll fix that now! Thank you!

PS: Sorry Rebekah. It's been fixed. We don't list the box as a prop assuming everyone has one with there Reformers, but the other two are listed now.
Thank you Rebekah for this wonderful class. I have to agree with Pele that yes people see those words and assume its not going to be a challenge. So glad you are here to prove that theory wrong! I am a teacher of Pilates and I have osteopenia. I love all that you do to educate us on this subject and to provide safe, fun and yes very challenging workouts! Hope to see you here again soon. A chair workout from you would be awesome! Keep up the good work. I am a great admirer of yours! Jamie
I'm very excited for my workshop with rebekah this weekend in NYC!
Great session....enjoyed ab series with head down, reverse knee stretch, sgl arm hug-a-tree, Teaser Prep on long box, elephant with flat back, arabesque (gorgeous), stomach massage with SB, and the arm name a few. Thank you! Love love love PA
Just finished Rebekah's class. Very nice and effective workout. It was my first class on this site and it was as good as being in the studio.
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