Mat Workout
Amy Havens
Class 709

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Amy needed this class!! My hip joints need this exercise-Thanks
Lovely, Amy! Yummy way to begin the day!
I was so inspired Amy that I ordered 2 of the OPTP Pro Soft Rollers soon as class ended. I have 2 clients that immediately came to mind . so I thought this would be a great addition to my studio. Cant wait to try this class on the soft roller. And please come back to do a few more classes with maybe a variety with soft and reg roller? Ty! Jamie
Thank you ladies! And Jamie.....I will do more with the soft's really nice and does provide some variety. My clients are really enjoying the soft rollers and the differences they're noticing with the ease in releasing myofascia. It feels really good!
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Very nice! I can imagine it would be nicer on a softer roller. I have one that is not as dense, now it has a flat spot in the middle, haha. Found the hardest part was keeping left leg bent with right ankle on top--left quads not happy. Other side fine, there's the imbalances...loved the last stretch, really nice for lengthening out the scoliosis side! Looking forward to the next body part!! Thankyou!
Great feedback Kerry, thank you! I too have a little scoliosis....or imbalance ... so the last stretch feels great to me as well. I will often go back and do that side a second time :) Thanks for your feedback!
Thx Amy! Cant wait to use with clients!
I hope they enjoy the releases too!!
Amy, my rollers came in! I really enjoyed this class and used it with a client who has notorious tight hips..The feedback I got from him was very good. I am hoping you come back for another class using this soon.. Maybe a bit longer.?
You offer such interesting classes wtih variety.. thank you!
Jamie.....yay, don't you love the new rollers? I will do another class soon and will make it a little longer, yes. Thank you for asking for that! Next it will be upper body/arms, neck and lats.............which I think everyone needs to get in touch with.
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