Basic Reformer Breakdown 1
Monica Wilson
Class 747

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Such a good intro to footwork
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Monica, I am curious. do you teach your beginning or early client on the mat first before placing them on Reformer? Or does it matter.
Monica a question: you ask your student, at the beginning of the class to : "make sure your spine is nice and flat and get comfortable with that". How do you achieve a flat back? and why do you ask for a flat back? Thanks.
In first footwork why doesn't she have client completely straighten her legs?
Hi Lali, That's a great question and I'm sorry I missed it earlier. This is a beginner class so I will try to answer your question from that perspective. When I teach a beginner client, I want them to feel their stomach (PH) pull in and essentially feel their back flat on the mat. As they become stronger in initiating from their PH, I will challenge my client to have correct pelvic position for their body. Again, as a beginner, my priority is to keep him/her safe while building strength in their PH. Please let me know if I can explain it further:) Hope this helps! Monica
Hi B, Boy! I'm not sure how I missed the questions on this class. So sorry! The client illustrated has worked hard to not hyper extend or internally rotate, especially in the 4th Footwork, the Tendon Stretch. The goal is to straighten or extend the legs as far as they can with proper alignment for his/her body. Footwork could really benefit from an instructor's careful eye assisting you:)
My reformer has five springs, two blue, two red and 1 yellow. How do I know which combo is four springs, etc.?
Jan ~ four springs means whatever combination of colors feels best for your body. It is different for everyone based on height/weight/strength/prior injuries and other factors. If you have a Balanced Body reformer, out of those colors red is heaviest, blue is medium, and yellow is the lightest. I would recommend using the two red and two blue, and if that feels too heavy for you, swap a red for a yellow.
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I have been to several teachers and non say to keep back flat.
Is not it all about the abs and control. Neutral spine?
Thank you. Toes apart and heels together -- how far apart please?
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