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Madeline Black
Class 797

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great class... i learned heaps just watching the demo people and seeing how they compensated in their bodies... some people just slide into habits in movements without actually connecting into their bodies... great cueing and a fresh look at perspective on the moves... i have learned heaps from watching and doing this class... thank you and would love to see you do a class about the hips like this...cheers
I agree with Kimberly completely. What a great class. Even just doing the sitting work at the beginning is great. Thank you so much Madeline!!
This was one of the classes I was unable to take even though I was in the room when it was filmed. I took it one night after a particularly long day on the computer. I proceeded to email or text Madeline afterwards (1am maybe) to tell her it was one of the most therapeutic classes I'd ever had. I love her cue "open your face." Whatever that actually means physiologically, it translated instantly to me. I just came back from a lot of travel. I am not one to sit still for long, this class is the one I turned to when my neck and upper back needed some attention.
Thank you Madeline!
¡Qué importante es mantener una buena cintura escapular!. Muy buenos los detalles y la forma de enseñar todos los movimientos. Muchas gracias Madeline!
All the work on the shoulder, shoulder blades was nice. It opens up all the front in the body and the upper back as well. I had a certain pain in my left arm (I always tought it was a nerve but what can I do!!!!????) . Tonight I realize that the pain had diminishes a lot. So it is great.
Thanks for this nice class
Thank you L, I am pleased you were able to relieve the discomfort in your shoulder! Remember that pain can also be manifested by lack of mobility, usually in the scapula and the fascia sticking within the layers. Of course, your nerve is embedded in there as well. Movement heals! Best, Madeline
I was so happy to find your class Madeline as I am recovering from "frozen shoulder" which started almost two years ago. Finally I am pain free and trying to regain the last bit of restricted movement.Thank you.
it says access denied or video removed, I cannot watch it!
Valentina ~ I would try restarting your computer or refreshing the page, as the video is working fine on our end. You mights also try watching it in AUTO-DETECT as that sometimes works better than the other 3 options. If you continue to have problems, please email us at
This class has healed my damaged shoulder. Thank you so much! Best wishes from Spain :)
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