Support the Arms Mat<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 797

Support the Arms Mat
Madeline Black
Class 797

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Wow Julia! That is quite a statement! Thank you for sharing!
Theresa L
Excellent teacher - keeping us engaged and focused even though in Relaxation Position for a lot of the movements. Great in opening up the shoulders and relax the 'computer arms'! Thank you
Madeline Black
Thank you fro taking the time to make a comment Theresa and everyone! I am grateful that you benefited from this class. Share what you received with others.
Great class---I came home from work after a 11 hour day of treating and was looking for a stretching class. This is exactly what my body, shoulders, and neck needed after hunching over patients all day. Thank you Madeline for such a wonderful class! My shoulders and body thank you as well!
Madeline, I trust you implicitly, thank you for sharing your layers and layers of knowledge of, not only pilates, but of body wisdom.
I am grateful for your shoulder class.
Katarina S
Wonderful class Madeline. I really enjoyed it, in particular, I like to beginning of the class while you were releasing the shoulder and neck tension. Thank you.
Thankyou this class was perfect after a long day teaching- though hard on my poor old brain!
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To me you are one of the best teachers i have ever come across! Thank you Madeline and PA for providing these fantastic classes!!
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On Side Bend, I understood we are rotating lower arm inward and upper arm outward. Cant wait to do again.
Thx for sharing with us Madeleine. Loved this breakdown of and opening of the shoulder girdle, etc. Appreciate! Wendy in snowy cold Colorado
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