Cadillac for Menopause<br>Carolyne S.<br>Class 891

Cadillac for Menopause
Carolyne S.
Class 891

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lots of creative variations, very interesting ! Thank you!
Really like th variations and combinations. It's given me some great ideas to add to my tool box when working with women in this age group. Really any age group. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
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Very nice class but only for someone very stable in their core with no spinal pathologies. The end with loaded spinal rotation / flexion could be dangerous for the wrong client.
Thank you for your comments ladies. I am happy to share with you. As always, we teach to the body in front of us and modify the exercises accordingly. Enjoy!
Thank you Carolyne. Wonderful choreography!
Corey Rad
This was really lovely and I really enjoyed it for myself. I'm wondering if you could explain why in particular this class is designed for menopausal women? I'm hoping to gleam some knowledge here, thanks!
Thank you again for your lovely comments. Corey, there are some concepts I have introduced into my menopause teaching but of course, all of these exercises are for anyone.It would take too long to explain them here but feel free to email me for more info or come to a workshop :)

info@thecenterforwomensfitness. com
Thanks carolyne. Can't wait to see you again at my studio this time! My husband thinks I should say "lovely" like you. I will work on that tomorrow. Great class I will use with my Parkinson's client.
Very creative and lovely to see new twists on old favourites Thanks Carolyn
This was great! I can't wait to get to the studio to practice. Thank you!
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