Waking Energy
Jennifer Kries
Class 928

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Miriam, what a very wonderful thing to say- thank you, and I couldn't agree more! A moving prayer for the self- exactly! I am so pleased that it spoke to you and moved you that way- this is what it's all about! Again, thank you-- just beautiful!


Avec grand plaisir!
A bientot,
Jennifer :)))
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This is what I have been looking for, just didn't really know it. I just set an intention to do this class every day for the next week. I want to more deeply understand it. This will be a fantastic link between Yoga and Pilates for my next retreat. Where do the moves come from? I guess some Thai Chi / Chi Gong? Is this sequence your invention Jennifer, or did you learn it somewhere? Curious to find out more. Thanks again
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Thank you Jennifer,
great warming-up in the snow-covered sleepy Prague morning
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Thank you so much for sharing this class with us, Jennifer! I love it! What a boost of energy! Would love to see more of your Waking Energy classes in future!
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Dear Jennifer- Thank you for visiting snowy Michigan via PA! It is the next best thing to seeing you in person. To hear your laughter and joy during this recent class is a waking energy in itself! Thank you!!
Mareile, thanks so much for your message and really glad that you found what you've been looking for! That's a great feeling. The Waking Energy clip you are following here is a combination of some actual Classical Qigong, and my own interpretation of Qigong-inspired sequences, and as I've said in previous messages in this post, there are so many more components and segments to Waking Energy ... I look forward to sharing them with you!
Silvie, delighted to hear from you in Prague-- a city I have always wanted to visit, and Julia, you are so welcome- very happy that you enjoyed it as much as you did. More to come for sure!
Warmest regards to you all~ Jennifer
Charisse! How wonderful to hear from you in snowy Petoskey, right here on PA!!! What a kick! Miss you and the ladies!! How great that you discovered Pilates Anytime, and that we can connect here- isn't it fantastic?!
I am SO glad that you joined me for some Waking Energy, and that you had fun laughing with us- we all had a great time during the filming of this class, and I'm just thrilled that you can partake in the joy right along with us!
Charisse, HUGE hugs to you and please send my love to everyone in Northern MI!
This exchange between Northern MI and PA/San Diego... not to mention Prague (one of my favorite places ever!) is really the stuff dreams are made of for this Pilates website co-founder!
Thanks for sharing enough for us all to see!
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