Unravel Your Body Challenge<br>Playlist 1: with Niedra Gabriel

Unravel Your Body Challenge
Playlist 1: with Niedra Gabriel

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Niedra you were my first teacher in Pilates Anytime. I am sure this challenge will teach and benefit me as did your 10 beginners lessons and since these ten day series are all level 1 , i will be able yo complete tiempo all.
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I can’t say enough about how much your work on this has helped me. I loved this program!

I’d like to know your thoughts on vibrating foam rollers if you have any experience with them.

Thanks so very much!
Julie K
I'm so excited to start this!! Thankful for you, Niedra!
It feels magic in my body, after your thoughtful explanations of the deeper release, Niedra Gabriel, so interesting to learn about body more and more each time on Pilates Anytime, thank you very much.
Kristina D
Hallo Niedra.🤙yes I did it. I enjoyed special where I was sitting on the ball that was placed between thigh and leg oh dear that was needed and the last facial. Needed. I will repeat for sure. All the best from cold Sweden. Kristina
Sheena Z
Day 1 done! YAY! Hammies happy :D
Lore Miller
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Thank you Niedra, the 10 small sessions were wonderful. I felt so good after each workout and found myself anticipating the next days work. Have used bits and pieces in teaching my students, weaving it into a private or group mat class. All have absolutely loved it. What a great complimentary tool for Pilates.
Thank you, Neidre. I have loved this work and shared it with my clients. Releasing the body is always a wonderful feeling and has made an incredible difference to my awareness, particularly as I am working with a knee injury at the moment. I know I will continue to use it.
Thank you for this program. I just tried day 6 and found that my knees hurt when I sit back on my heels. Also my right foot collapses when walking on toes. Apparently I have residual weakness from my torn Achilles surgery 2 years ago. Can you recommend easier exercises to build strength and loosen affected area.   Thank you. 
Ioanna G
Your program is excellent. I love your work. I just bought the balls I need from OTPT but it will take a while as the balls will come from USA to Greece. I can't find them in Greece.
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