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Hello Leah !
I have just finished watching your workshop. Thank you so much . I enjoy it so much . I got my answers to most of my questions ,or let say , my fears, to work with pregnant woman . Thank you , thank you !

But one more question . I am teaching my first pregnant client . She is six months now . We have done several modified mat work before , but next session will be her first time on machine. Over the last week ,she start feeling little pain in her pelvis and upper inner tight . I searched and read about this condition . I asked her to consult her doctor in case the pain is too much or she feels something odd . If this is natural in her case and is a part of her pregnancy process , what kind of movement I should be careful ? should I skip inner thigh squeezing or hip abductor movement ? how about foot work on reformer ?
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Hi Sheida,

I am very glad to hear that you enjoyed the workshop and that it helped to answer your questions and calm your fears. In fact, that makes me very happy to hear.

It sounds like to me that your client may be suffering from pubic symphasis dysfunction. Although this is not completely uncommon, it must be taken quite seriously in regards to exercise choices and intensity. In the worst case scenario, your client may have a PS separation. Yes, please continue to encourage her to speak to her doctor as a clear diagnosis will be most helpful.

continued in next post.....
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If she is cleared by her doctor (which I hope she is) Pilates can be very helpful here. You are correct, extreme and/or loaded hip ABduction and ADduction are contraindicated. However, good, solid pelvic floor exercises and gentle ADuctor exercises will help stabilize the pelvic bones a bit more, which may help provide more comfort.

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Your client is six months pregnant, so in some women tenderness in the PS area may begin (although for most women this is much later in pregnancy) dependent on her natural ligament laxity, the way she is carrying, her postural control, her other physical activities, etc. So, it can be natural or a result of something she is doing. The connective tissue at this point is beginning to soften in preparation for labor, but it will only increase as her pregnancy progresses. The goal should not be to stop this process or think of it as wrong, it needs to happens, but rather to help her through the strengthening and correct postural maintenance provided by Pilates to mitigate the pain if possible so she feels comfortable.
Dear Leah !
I appreciate your clear and helpful response. I am still working with my client . She told me that Pilates make her feel much better and help her to handle the changes in her body. Her pelvis pain is also better . It hurts during the sleep time. Her doctor is not worry much about it .But I still keep your advice in my mind . I am so grateful to know you and learn from your knowledge . The workshop ,all your pre natal video and your good advice are great help to me .
Thank you very much Leah !
Dear Leah,
Wonderful, inspiring workshop thank you. I wondered what your thoughts were regarding hip work on the reformer during second trimester (frog, up / down circles / openings)? I realise being supine they are not recommended but what about for a shorter period of time? Perhaps it is still considered a big 'no no' due to Relaxin and the instability of the pelvis? I would love to hear your thoughts.
Kindest regards
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Jo - this workshop was definitely geared more toward the abdominals during pregnancy, but you ask a wonderful question. Hip work on the Reformer (or Cadillac) that is modified during the progression of pregnancy is highly recommended as the mobilization and strengthening of the hips, pelvic bones and pelvic floor plus the alignment of the pelvis will be very helpful for maintaining a healthy spine during pregnancy as for a successful labor. You can view my many variations of hip work in my pre-natal classes - modified supine positions, kneeling, side lying, standing - there are so many options
Thank u! I have since watched and learnt from your many variations (hip work) - most appreciated and invaluable to my learning..
Warmest regards from London ;o)
Absolutely loved the workshop and would love to at some point take the full Basi course. I am working with a new client in a few days who had twins by c-section 3 months ago and according to her she has a two finger separation (diastasis). I believe that she has done pilates before and she wants to work on equipment mainly. I have a reformer and chair. Besides the modifications for flexion, is she safe to do regular "basic" pilates work on either equipment. Any specifics that i should avoid outside of what was shown in the workshop? It has been years since i work with post-natal and i want to make sure i am safe and effective with her!
Hi Leah! Thank you for the lovely workshop! I have a pilates client that will be transitioning into prenatal pilates as of next week (my first prenatal class!!) and your teaching made the whole concept of prenatal pilates way less scary!
Is it possible to grab a copy of your handouts? Would love to take a look at the videos again and reference the materials as you mention them? xx
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